Learn everything you need to know to produce your first film.


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Day 1

Above the Line and Below the Line

Writing, Directing, and Producing; Camera, Lighting, and Sound

Students will explore writing, which includes the various stages in constructing a script, elements a good script should and will contain, and what makes a script work on film. Other elements of pre-production will also be covered, such as storyboarding, casting, and selection of key crew members, such as the director and producers.

Research is crucial to cultivating your personal taste. This class will discuss immersing yourself in film to get to the root of what inspires you. It will also cover various types of cameras, from film to digital, and the benefits, downfalls, and functionality of each. Lighting, including ways to light a scene and what effect different types of light have on the tone of a film, will be covered. Sound will be discussed, including types of microphones and equipment, and the crew members who operate them.

Day 2

The Look and Aftermath and Show Business

Design and Post-Production; Financing, Legal, Sales, and Distribution

In this class, students will learn what goes into production design, i.e., creating your fictional world, and how the elements of set, scenery, and props impact the translation of your vision. The value of makeup and wardrobe will also be discussed, as it is imperative for each character’s persona. Lastly, there will be an overview of editing, encompassing pacing, cutting, temporality, effects, and sound.

This class will give a crash-course in the less fun but necessary aspects of financing, legalities, sales, and distribution. These matters are essential considerations that are often not fully comprehended by the creative minds driving the production. The better your understanding of this aspect of filmmaking, the better off you’ll be in the industry.